Empower Your People, Grow Your Business, and Delight Your Customers

The world of insurance is changing. The digital age is here. You need a new platform to transform your business and empower your people to succeed.

An insurance solution that integrates your front, middle, and back offices

Novidea digitalises your entire insurance distribution lifecycle, from quotes and upselling to accounting and claims. With our insurance software solution you can get a complete view of your customers and stakeholders and streamline access to valuable data across every phase of the insurance journey.

insurance software

insurance management platform

Actionable intelligence for
smart business growth

Novidea’s data-driven insurance distribution platform gives brokers, MGAs and coverholders real-time access to all of your data at the point of need. With actionable intelligence from any device, anywhere, you can make better-informed decisions to grow your business, and deliver greater customer value.

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Best-in-Breed Brokers Demonstrate Measurable Results*

  • +40% Cross-Sell
  • +30% Renewals
  • +75% Faster Client Onboarding
  • +63% Policy Sales
  • +60% Back Office Efficiency
  • +24% Claims Capacity

* Actual results may vary per customer


for those born to insure

Truly cloud-native, Novidea allows you to securely access your customer data from anywhere on any device. As you scale your business, you can count on peak performance without managing servers, updating insurance management software or worrying about backups.


API à la carte

Novidea’s insurance software platform helps you tailor your business to be more customer-focused and adaptable to market conditions. Our truly open API framework gives you the flexibility to add additional functionality, capabilities, and services as your business grows, with zero hassle and no costly integration process.

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Explore how Novidea
transforms your area of business


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Why clients trust Novidea’s
insurance management system

  • All-in-One Platform

    Manage your entire insurance distribution lifecycle

  • Cloud Native

    No servers, software, updates or disruption

  • Open API

    Easy to add functionality, capabilities, and services

  • Customisable

    Flexible workflows and automations

  • Proven

    Leverages the full power of Salesforce

  • Scalable

    Easily add new LoBs, divisions and countries as well as additional revenue streams

  • Easy to Deploy

    Seamless migration and integration

  • Salesforce AppXchange

    Choose from thousands of business apps

  • Support multi-legal entities

    Support all operational entities with one insurance distribution platform: from brokers to MGAs and coverholders

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Helping clients successfully manage tens of millions of policies across 23 countries

Our team applies years of global insurance experience to help optimise businesses. See what our clients have to say and explore how we can get you ahead of your competition with our insurance management system.


The specialty insurance market needs to provide better technology tools to its clients so we are very excited to partner with Novidea to implement a platform that will make a real difference. Implementing this platform demonstrates our aim to be at the forefront of digital solutions, providing clients and insurers with market leading insight and data.

Nick Williams-Walker, COO Specialty division

Novidea empowered us to revamp how agents use data to create a great customer experience. The solution’s API architecture enabled us to create a singular, secure, and centralized system of record where all our prospect and customer data is accessible in real-time when agents need it most.

Peter Vitale
Founder and CEO, Encore Insurance

It’s important to us that we keep up with our growth through the data that we are collecting. Novidea allows us to think strategically - where we are trying to get to and what data-driven technology we require to underpin that and to help us get there. With Novidea you’ve now got one place to go, one source of the truth. It’s a logical solution.

Lyn Grobler
Group CIO, Howden Group Holdings

We were impressed with Novidea’s business model and the clients they work with. The stability, scalability, and flexibility of Novidea’s technology, together with their insurance sector expertise, will give us an end-to-end process that will enhance the customer journey and allow us to more effectively analyse the data that we obtain.

Sharon Brown
MD, Harbour Underwriting Ltd

Novidea puts a lot of valuable insight information at our brokers’ fingertips, enhancing their ability to sell and advise customers in a way that is both efficient and lucrative for our business.

José Manuel González
CEO, Howden Broking Group

We aim to provide our broker partners, insurer partners, and clients with the best possible experience. With … Novidea we can now do exactly that. Working together we will ensure that SRG is at the forefront of digital transformation in the London Market, in line with Lloyd’s recently announced Blueprint two.

Lee Anderson
Deputy Group COO, SRG

Novidea massively improves how we manage the overall efficiency of the business. Ultimately, Novidea gives us a competitive edge. We also like that it’s so flexible, That also gives us more control over processes. And with Novidea’s innovative technology, we can work with our teams to enforce best practices to stay compliant.

Jerome Ormonde
Director, M&N

Novidea’s platform enabled us to streamline policy lifecycle management and provide unprecedented real-time visibility and control of every aspect of our business. It is a holistic solution…. That enables us to compete in an ever-changing, dynamic environment and grow our business.

Shai Simkin, ACII
Global Head of Cyber, Howden Israel

Novidea’s platform made a huge impact on our business. It allows us to optimise our policy management, claims tracking and financial operations workflow. It has saved us time and energy by giving us a true 360-degree view of our business in real-time, which helps us grow our bottom line.

Gabi Grant
Former CFO, Marsh

Novidea is all about innovative technology that empowers our business. It’s a powerful and robust platform that provides us with the agility and scalability we’re looking for. Responding to market changes, offering new business lines or adapting to regulatory changes have become simple tasks with Novidea, a key to our business success.

Yehuda Shavit
Director of Personal Lines Insurance and Information Systems, WTW

Novidea aren’t just software experts; they truly get insurance. Novidea is an affordable solution for MGUs of all sizes. The level of customization we required would have been too cost-prohibitive with any of the traditional policy administration vendors and our policy management system has to be able to support us as we grow.

Jeff McAulay
Co-founder & COO, Energetic

Novidea returned the cost of the investment within the first year. This has been a true game changer that has enabled us to increase sales and improve customer retention, as true risk advisors.

Benny Sendler
CFO, Gur Insurance Group