The technology industry has one of the lowest employee tenure rates among all industries, mainly due to its rapid growth. However, recent studies suggest that providing talents with the opportunity to pivot, grow, and stretch within their current companies can have a massive impact on engagement and retention.

This presents a great opportunity for companies that are wise enough to invest in career development. Nowadays, employees want to work at an organization that invests in their growth and offers development opportunities, while maintaining a personal approach.

To meet this demand, companies need to adjust their recruiting strategies, focusing not only on sourcing potential candidates and creating more awareness but also on exploring internal mobility opportunities and providing a clear process to empower employees to develop their career paths.

Meet Maayan Cyzs, Novidea’s VP Strategy

‘A friend recommended Novidea to me. At the time, I held a management position in another company, and was considering an offer that would “reduce” my seniority level, but presented an opportunity to create something new in a growing start-up and revolutionize the insurance industry.

I started my career at Novidea as a Delivery Manager, overseeing implementation projects for clients in Israel and later globally. This role exposed me to a new and dynamic business environment, emerging technologies, and a promising product. The pace was fast, and within a year, I recruited additional delivery managers and was promoted to manage the Delivery team with the close support and mentoring of my direct manager.

Together, we built a global delivery team that expanded rapidly along with our business portfolio and the scope of projects managed for our customers around the world.

After five years as Head of Delivery, and following the birth of my three boys (yes, all while working at Novidea!), an organizational change was made and  my role was split between the different regions we operate in, which led me to think about the next step in my career.

At that point, I had been working in delivery and project management for over ten years and felt it was time to explore new areas. I had two options: either search for a new position elsewhere, or create a new role within the company that I love and believe in.

Through mentoring and reflection, I identified my strengths, values, and abilities. Combined with the invaluable knowledge, experience and deep understanding of the company, its work processes, and product – I felt ready to take on new challenges and make a meaningful contribution to the company.

When I expressed my desire to transition to a new role, I received enormous support from Novidea’s CEO which far exceeded my expectations. We created a new senior management position that aligned with my vision and allowed me to contribute my expertise. The management team welcomed me with open arms, providing support, attentive ears, and guidance.

As VP Strategy at Novidea, I lead a team dedicated to supporting the company’s rapid growth, while implementing infrastructure and tools to advance our corporate strategy. This includes areas such as knowledge management, partners management, defining work processes and interfaces between departments, and supporting strategic implementation projects.

Novidea is an integral part of my life. I represent the company as I would represent myself, and I believe employees like me who identify with the organization, brand, and product make the best ambassadors and marketers. The opportunity I was given to learn, make mistakes (and grow from them) in a supportive and trusted environment allowed me to gain confidence which further catalyzes faster learning and greater experiences. As we continue to grow at an outstanding rate, it is necessary to be able to react quickly and evolve.

I strongly believe that companies should encourage internal mobility, allowing employees to apply for new jobs and positions that open up throughout the organisation, and discuss existing career development paths. Familiarity with roles and jobs can allow individuals to think creatively and expand their professional growth within the company.