The insurance industry is growing more complex all the time, but here’s a principle that’s not likely to change: if you keep your clients and your team happy, you’ll stand out from your competitors.

Easier typed than done. Customer expectations have been permanently elevated by the Amazonification of the customer experience (CX) world. They want user-friendly dashboards and apps. They want their needs predicted, their questions auto-completed, and their wait times cut down to almost nothing. And they want it yesterday. In fact, Amazon just announced their entry into the UK insurance market – a clear demonstration that the market is changing for good.

And therein lies the issue. In this industry, getting anything done for clients requires a litany of tasks, many of them mind-numbingly repetitive and the slightest error can be extremely costly. They can lead to delays in client service, claims wrongly rejected or wrongly accepted, or worse. It’s a vicious cycle. As customers demand faster and more seamless service, insurance organisations struggle to keep up while maintaining accuracy and efficiency. In other words, our processes have fallen behind.

So, how can insurance organisations keep up with customer expectations while improving their team’s efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction? The wonders of automated, customised workflows for the insurance industry include important processes, such as:

  • Streamlining the approval process to confirm authority limits, view peer reviews, or send notifications
  • Next-level task management ensures every team member can attack the right tasks at the right times. These can be automatically generated using events, calendar tasks, or other configurable rules
  • Reducing busy work and increasing accuracy by freeing your team from the repetitive tasks that keep them from the more skilled work you hired them for.

The advantages of automation will truly help you boost client satisfaction to set yourself apart from the competition, bringing us back to where we started—rising to meet the sky-high expectations of what today’s clients want in today’s Amazon landscape. 

Intelligent automation and data insights lead to more profitable customer management

As all these workflows proceed with increased efficiency and effectiveness, intelligent automation can also glean insights to help boost profitability. For example, Novidea customers can measure how much time each team member is spending on each and every account, including time spent selling and supporting, but also travelling to and from customer sites. We can also analyse relevant salary costs and commissions to provide a profitability report for each customer.

This data tells you what kind of accounts are most profitable when compared with the time they take to manage and service, which can guide your efforts in acquiring more of the kind of accounts that yield the most return on your team’s investment.


When you’re ready to transform your business with automated workflows, reach out to the Novidea team. We’d love to hear about your business and explore how we can help you get ahead and stay ahead of the competition.