Will the Lloyd’s Blueprint finally be the catalyst for change London brokerages have long needed?  How will the Lloyds Blueprint change your broking business? What will that look like in practice at your brokerage?

As we move to a more electronic mechanism for dealing with smaller risks, efficiency in transactions will be very important. says Chris Carney, managing director of Verticalised Consulting.

Weve just completed a five-video series with Chris Carney and Paul Evans, CEO and founder of Definitive InsureTech, to talk through the implications and challenges ahead for UK brokers under the Lloyds Blueprint One. Its about risk, efficiency, collaboration, speed and, most important, agility.

You can watch the first of these 3-min Through The Lens interviews here and get expert insights and inspiration from two specialists on important topics like digital transformation, data-first and API enablement.

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