Why ‘Broking on the Move’ matters

Over the last couple of years, forward-thinking insurance brokers have accelerated their digital transformation efforts, initially driven by their need to work from anywhere. These early adopters are now reaping the rewards as their new cloud-based solutions are enabling Broking on the Move.

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The 5 biggest data challenges facing UK insurance brokers

With hybrid working set to become the new normal in the UK insurance industry, brokers are addressing both the challenges and potential benefits.  In particular, remote working has given rise to new data management challenges, while also exacerbating pre-existing issues. In this article, well explore the top data challenges brokers face, as well as how they can be solved.

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Covid – the catalyst for change and digital transformation

The shift to online and remote working in the broking industry has been phenomenal. Now is the time for brokers to future-proof their operations and turn the new normal into business as usual to lay the foundations for the future of broking. From our research, heres the view from brokers on plans for digital transformation and business change in 2021 and beyond.

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