If you need a top-notch technology delivery and implementation strategy or just some decorating advice  Maayan Cyzs is the person to call. Shes a planner, a 3-D thinker, and a chocolate lover who gets Novidea clients off on the right foot with our platform. Heres a little bit more about Maayan, one of the many brainy (and hungry) people who make up team Novidea.

Meet Maayan Cyzs, Head of Delivery & Implementation, IL

1. What is your favorite part of working remotely during the pandemic?
Working from the kitchen is the best time saver! Driving less is also super.

2. What is your favorite Novidea memory?
The company trip to Jerusalem. It was very interesting and tasty. Plus, global teams joined us, so it was extremely special to share the Israeli vibe with them.

3. What are some of your hobbies?
Eating… if that can be considered a hobby. I also love home styling. My last project was my kids bedroom, pictured here.

4. Whats the best place youve ever traveled to?
Bariloche, Argentina with its amazing chocolate and meat. I also met my husband there.

5. Choose a movie title for the story of your life.
Fast and Furious

6. How do you manage work/life balance?
With some outsource assistance. I try to stay focused on my kids and career and use outsource assistance for my other OCDs.

7. Which superpower would you choose, and why?
Freeze time: I could use some more hours in my day, so it would be very helpful.

8. Whats the coolest thing about your job?
Speaking with customers about a year after they launch the system and hearing about the major changes it brought to their company. Launch weeks are usually busy and intense, so hearing from the client once theyve settled in is very rewarding.

9. What are the top 5 tools you cant live without?

    • My iPhone
    • My glasses
    • My Dyson vacuum cleaner
    • My dish washer
    • My laundry machine

We hope you enjoyed getting to know her and that youll join us here again to meet another of our talented teammates. Stay tuned for our next feature!