Innovation and adaptability will be absolute necessities in the new insurance landscape. Brokers must be ultra-agile to meet the changing needs of clients, stakeholders and Lloyds and to tailor products to new customer expectations.

We asked Paul Evans, CEO and founder of Definitive InsureTech and Chris Carney, managing director of Verticalised Consulting to describe what that really means for brokers and what the path to agility looks like in practical terms. They focused on recruiting, collaboration, automation, and strategies that rely on open APIs, cloud-based computing, and other fast-twitch technologies.

Brokers will need technology platforms that are adaptable, easily extensible and Integrated in the ecosystem that is out there of insurtechs and other technology, says Carney. Those brokers will be in a strong position to adapt to changes in the market going forward.

Hear the full interview and check out the entire Through the Lens series for a 360-degree look at the changes, challenges and opportunities ahead under Lloys Blueprint.

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