In a previous post, we looked at how automated workflows can transform your insurance business, which included a review of how insurance organizations can keep up with customer expectations while improving their team’s efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction. 

But just because automation is a powerful tool for the insurance industry doesn’t mean it should be applied blindly. Here are a few tips to help you make sure you reap all the benefits of automated workflows. 

1. Choose a Customizable Automation Platform

Insurance is a highly specialized industry, and when it comes to automation tools, one size most definitely does not fit all. To get the most out of automation, make sure you choose a platform that allows you to customize workflows to suit you, your team, and your clients. 

2. Protect Clients from Mindless Automation

Make sure your automated workflows save time for your clients and your team members. Intelligent automation should reduce client friction as much as possible by putting existing data to use, predicting their needs, and only reaching out to them at the right times and for the right reasons. Make sure your automation works with your client services team, not against them.   

3. Make Changes Thoughtfully

When you’re ready to implement automation, it pays to give your team a chance to voice their thoughts on changes to your workflows and processes. Open the floor for discussion and feedback, and make the implementation of automation a collaborative process. This can not only ensure your team buys into the new processes; it may also uncover opportunities for even more optimization. No one knows busy work better than the people who’ve been busy with it. 

4. Work With a Partner You Trust  

Behind all great automation is a human team of experts. When you choose your automation platform, make sure it’s backed by a team who knows your industry, and stands ready to work with you to make sure you, your team, and your clients are taken care of. 


When you’re ready to transform your business with automated workflows, reach out to the Novidea team. We’d love to hear about your business and explore how we can help you get ahead and stay ahead of the competition.