When you hear the name Salesforce, what do you think? A sales and marketing tool, a customer service solution, or a complete business platform?

In a small but select survey of insurance practitioners, 54% thought of Salesforce in terms of software for sales and marketing, against only 15% who thought of it as a complete business platform. The rest, 31%, saw it as a customer service solution.

The disconnect maybe in the name, or the limited way in which some businesses use Salesforce. The truth is, it is Big Technology and the worlds #1 enterprise cloud platform, with all the benefits that entails.

Leveraging the power of Big Technology

Salesforces Big Technology, or Big Tech, harnesses the scale and versatility of the cloud to leverage their application ecosystems and substantial R&D budgets in a way that proprietary software vendors simply cannot do.

Salesforce uses Big Tech to break down silos in organisations between departments, including management, marketing, sales, commerce, service, or IT, to share a single, fully integrated view of the business and the customer journey.

This 360-degree perspective enables a deeper understanding of customers and their data, which leads to smarter analysis and actionable intelligence. And because everything is data-driven and in the cloud, it means all this is accessible anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Salesforce and Novidea

At Novidea, we saw how Big Tech had the potential to be transformational for insurance. Thats why we chose to take the zero-code, drag-and-drop infrastructure of Salesforce and build on it for brokers and MGAs, with a low-cost, high-powered, universally flexible solution.

Insurance is a complex business, with numerous stakeholders across a diverse distribution chain. This is why our customers needed a functionally rich platform that would enable them to manage numerous lines of business, distribution models, processes, and people.

And with Salesforce this is what we delivered.

Salesforce has invested millions in developing a multi-language, multi-currency ecosystem, delivering the very best in terms of security, compliancy, and availability. Its rich analytics and development tools, coupled with its world-renowned CRM, gave Novidea an infinite canvas to create the markets leading customer-centric, data-driven, cloud insurance platform.

Novidea and you

The Novidea platform gives you complete control and insight into your business. And, according to Celent, Extreme Cloud Native, it provides the optimal way to deliver performance, scalability, and flexibility to develop and configure systems quickly that integrate with other ecosystems, as required by Lloyds Blueprint Two.

The Novidea platform can also be tailored specifically for your needs. You can manage every process for every customer, at every stage of the insurance lifecycle, on any device, 24/7. Powerful and flexible Management Information tools also give you the actionable intelligence and insights you need to drive growth and optimise every customer interaction.

Uniquely, by integrating the front- and back-office into one ecosystem, you can streamline operations to drive greater efficiencies at every level. Cloud technology enables remote access to all your data, with seamless upgrades and modular plug-in functionality as required, with zero hardware costs.

Sound interesting?

If youd like to know more about the Novidea platform and how it can support your business growth, we are here to help. Contact us to start exploring your options today.