Today, Howden Broking Group is one of the fastest-growing employee-owned insurance groups sprawling across 7 continents and 40 countries.

But how did Howden become so successful?

First, lets start with a bit of history:

Imagine the following:

  • Youre trying to run your entire brokerage without being able to see whats happening across your sales team, as a whole.
  • You dont have the visibility to get a birds eye view of your operation, across all your offices, in real time.
  • You have redundant computer systems that are supposed to be helping you, but somehow only manage to get in the way.

Those were the problems Howden was facing, and theyre the problems most brokerages continue to face.


Due to these challenges, Howden found it difficult to streamline their expansion. It was too technologically complicated and time-consuming to add a new business line or onboard a new brokerage/agency that was acquired. The whole process was simply lengthy and resource-intensive.

Plus, offices located in different countries would use completely different terminology and processes, creating a multi-tiered internal system and lots of confusion and frustration for everyone especially management.

Like many others, Howden employed the usual smorgasbord of services and systems, often running in parallel. The problem was that there wasnt really an easy way to get an integrated, 360-degree view of a business that operated in multiple countries.

It had no integrated way to track prospects, sales, and profitability across the entire company. And limited capabilities for informing their business decisions through data.   

What it needed was one end-to-end data-driven platform to sew everything together.

Howden starting using Novideas cloud-based platform so that their primitive systems could be replaced with advanced technology that tracked all KPIs as well as every employees performance.

Once it did this, everything changed.


Data accuracy went up by 25%.

Policy sales went up 63%, with cross sales up 40%.

Back end efficiency went up 60%.

The speed of mergers and acquisitions improved by 75%, with the average deal taking just 3 months to close, instead of the typical 12.

Another bonus was for the employees. They could now easily access data, get insights, share files and more uniformly on any device instead of being tethered to specific office computers. The system effectively liberated agents and allowed them to service clients from anywhere and at any time.

Want to learn more about how Novideas solution helped Howden Broking Group achieve international success? Check out this case study for more info.

Are you ready to upgrade your systems and start improving your bottom line?