Mar 12, 2024

Novidea appoints Daniela Krispin as VP, Research & Development

London and Boston March 12, 2024 – Novidea, creator of the cloud-based, data-driven enterprise insurance management platform, today announced the appointment of Daniela Krispin as VP, Research & Development. Daniela will be responsible for leading the company’s research and development processes, driving innovation initiatives, implementing advanced technologies (such as AI), and fostering a product-oriented and agile organizational culture.

Daniela brings over 25 years of experience in product development, both in startups and global corporations, specializing in SaaS products, data, and AI systems. She has held senior technology roles at Amdocs, most recently Head of AI & Data. Subsequently, she served as VP R&D at Seebo, playing a key role in its growth by leading strategic initiatives, building and leading multidisciplinary teams, and optimizing processes and product architecture. Following the acquisition of Seebo by Augury, Daniela was appointed as VP R&D for the acquiring company.

Daniela’s appointment adds to a series of strategic appointments made by Novidea in the past year to its technology leadership team. Among them are Erez Nassim as CTO and Ido Peled as SVP Product. By assembling a team of exceptional talents, the company continues to strengthen its position as a key player in the global Insurtech market.

Erez Nissim, CTO at Novidea, said: “Global insurance market companies are rapidly embracing digital innovation to remain competitive. Daniela’s extensive experience as a VP R&D will help us to continue solidifying our position at the forefront of the Insurtech market and guiding companies in the insurance market through the fastest route to digital transformation.”

Daniela Crispin, VP R&D at Novidea, said: “I joined Novidea because of its vision to lead the digital revolution in the insurance industry. I am particularly drawn to the capabilities of its advanced data-driven platform to make a profound impact on the workflows of insurance companies globally and improve their performance. I am excited to collaborate with our talented teams across our global offices and lead the company into the next generation of data-driven solutions.”