Actionable Insurance Analytics: Turn Data into Smart Decisions

Decipher your data. Use actionable intelligence to make smarter decisions that drive growth and build customer loyalty.

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Visibility of your data across your business

By bringing every aspect of your business into a single cloud-based platform, Novidea enables your people—from agents and salespeople, to the C-suite—to leverage actionable intelligence and drive greater insight across your business. With a fully integrated system and 360-degree visibility for your front, middle, and back office, you and your teams can make more timely, better-informed decisions that create new opportunities.

Build relationships through data-driven insight

Our powerful analytics tools generate data-driven insights that enable you to provide a more personalized experience at every stage of the insurance distribution lifecycle, from policy coverage recommendations to risk management advice. This helps you foster new business leads and increase customer retention.

Report on anything from anywhere

In addition to offering 500+ ready-made report templates, Novidea allows you to quickly and easily create custom reports from any data field across the entire platform. This empowers you to examine your business from any angle, at any time, to understand how you can reduce operational inefficiencies and see where you should be focusing your efforts to maximize your future opportunities.

Tailor dashboards to each role

Using our customizable dashboards, you can create job-specific infographics that present the data you need any way you need it, whether it’s a business-wide overview or something drilled down to a granular level.

Your CEO can instantly generate a graph showing current retention rates or new policies sold each month, while your brokers and agents can quickly review their sales and commissions to date.

Each dashboard can be permission-based, so you choose who has access to what information.

Deliver a more personalized experience

By providing truly data-driven and actionable insights, Novidea empowers your team to excel at the aspects of insurance that will always require a human touch, like explaining complex coverage options, offering guidance on tough choices, providing confidence and reassurance, and being there as a valued partner and resource whenever customers need it. By helping you turn data into decisions, we help you turn every customer touch point into a chance to build a lasting relationship.