The First-Class Management Solution for Enterprise-Class Insurance Organizations

Unlock unprecedented efficiencies with the only cloud-native, data-driven insurance management platform built on Salesforce designed to solve the challenges facing complex, global insurance organizations.

You’ve been solving problems for a long time. That can be a problem.

Any longstanding insurance organization accumulates solutions. Some may be legacy software, some you may have built internally, and some may be newly emerging tech. This custom stack of solutions is unique to your organization. But it’s also slowing you down. This new era of insurance requires new levels of efficiency. You need one comprehensive management platform. You need next-gen flexibility, functionality, and scalability to support your complex, global operations. You need a solution that delivers a single source of truth where you can access data from any region, any business unit and for any customer. You need smarter automated systems that seamlessly integrate every aspect of your organization. You need a platform where all your unique business units can seamlessly share data with one another. You need Novidea.

Novidea brings agility to global operations

Novidea is the only born-in-the-cloud, data-driven, insurance management platform built using Salesforce’s Big Technology specifically for enterprise-class insurance organizations, the likes of Howden, AJ Gallagher and Hiscox. Quickly convert from local currencies and languages to ensure nothing is lost in translation. It streamlines your entire distribution lifecycle, facilitates global collaboration between divisions, and increases new business and retention—all on one consolidated platform.

Micro and macro views
of your organization

Novidea offers unparalleled reporting solutions, quickly and easily showing you any aspect of your organization’s performance. Zoom into a region or a line of business or pull back to see it all at once. Get a 360-degree view of your customer and all stakeholders. With such easy access to valuable data insights, you can make better-informed decisions and optimize your process workflows to run across all business departments, from broking assistance to claims and accounts.

Consolidate Complex Operations

Novidea’s centralized cloud-native solution is ideal for organizations with business units in multiple geographic regions. Empower your teams to access critical information anywhere, any time, and on any device. Eliminate the hassles of entering and accessing the data you need in multiple places. Bring all your operations onto one system.

Meet Your Customers Where They Want

Customers increasingly expect low-friction digital experiences. Meet and exceed those expectations by placing all their critical information on Novidea’s user-friendly platform. Make it easy for them to find what they need using any smart device, and instantly connect them with your staff when they want support.

Drive Growth with Intelligent Insights

Novidea makes it easy to efficiently grow your business. Instantly identify current customers as opportunities to sell new lines of business, products, or services. With all the information you need in one place, you can easily deliver value to your customers by helping them consolidate and streamline their insurance program.

Unlock the Power of Your Data to Deliver Results

Now more than ever, data is king. Activating it is crucial to continued success in the insurance industry. That’s why Novidea gives you instant access to all your data, as well as world-class reporting tools to help you understand your business like never before and start leveraging your information to drive results and improve operations.