MGA and MGU Insurance Management Solution that Lets You Work Smarter and Grow Faster

Scale your MGA/MGU with the only cloud-native, data-driven insurance management platform built on Salesforce

You are innovative and agile. Your insurance management platform should be too.

For too long, the MGA and MGU market has been held back by legacy systems. To differentiate your offering and win the right customers, you need more than siloed and outdated systems. You need a streamlined underwriting process. You need to get innovative products to market faster. You need smarter automated systems that integrate every aspect of your business. You need next-gen flexibility, functionality, and scalability to support your growth ambitions. You need access to all your data from anywhere, any time, on any device. You need Novidea.

Novidea takes you to the future, now

Novidea is the only born-in-the-cloud, data-driven insurance management system built using Salesforce’s Big Technology specifically for forward-thinking MGAs and MGUs. Novidea streamlines your entire distribution lifecycle with modern, flexible technology, enhancing your customer experience and increasing new business and retention. Now you can work remotely with secure cloud-based access to customer data and policy information from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Streamline your front, middle, and back office

Novidea integrates your entire insurance distribution lifecycle, from quotes and upselling to accounting and claims. This gives your team and your customers a seamless digital experience, with easy access to valuable data insights across every phase of the insurance supply chain. You can also optimize your process workflows to run across all business departments, from broking assistance to claims and accounts.

Insights on the move

Novidea is truly cloud native, allowing you and your team to securely access customer data from anywhere on any device. This empowers you to make better-informed decisions about growth, retention, and profitability, with instant 24/7 access to dashboards and reporting.

Next-Level Rules and Rating

Streamline the quote-and-bind process with our rules and rating engine, which calculates premiums, assesses risk, generates comparison quotes, and provides all necessary document management, workflows, and underwriting functionalities.

Built-In Self-Service Portals
for Customers

Launch products directly to end-consumers using our robust self-service portals built on the Salesforce Community Cloud. They’re seamlessly integrated, they’re simple to set up and use, and they benefit from automatic compliance updates and access rights.

Grow without Growing Pains

Novidea is made to grow with you. Our low code/no-code system makes it easy to add new lines of business with none of the excessive costs or operational disruptions of legacy systems. What’s more, our open API architecture means you can integrate new technologies to give you a flexible, one-of-a-kind solution that perfectly suits all your present and future lines of business.