Insurance execs are no less hooked on tech than the rest of us. So why has the digital revolution redefining the wider business world been little more than a specter to the world of insurance?

The fact is that its not techno-phobia thats preventing the industry from exploiting big data, machine learning and automation for growth its uncertainty.

Understanding which of the many emerging solutions will truly bring value to evolving insurance businesses  is no small task, but a new report by Matthew Grant and Roi Agababa tackles the issue head-on.

Who’s It For?

Innovation in insurance: lessons for companies on the technology fast track covers the bottlenecks, solutions, and front-runners in insurance innovation highly recommended for evolving insurance businesses who want to take customer service and profitability to the next level.

Matthew is the founder of Abernite and a partner of Instech London and a highly respected advisor on insurtech. As an investor with early-stage technology companies, he is sought-after by insurers and brokers to help identify the best technology and data solutions.

What’s Inside?

The paper covers the challenges of existing legacy systems designed decades ago, why brokers are dissatisfied with traditional software options, and even the workforce issues that create barriers to innovation for todays evolving insurance businesses and what to do about them.

The Bottom Line on Evolving Insurance Strategies

While the hurdles are significant, the paper also paints a positive picture of the industrys future, one where information is sourced directly from clients, complemented by third party tools that check and enhance data by extracting key characteristics from everything from satellites to drones. It also provides a vital checklist for success that every insurer should consider.

If technological innovation is on your roadmap (and it should be), this paper provides an outstanding starting point.