Technology can accelerate MGAs’​ speed to market – but how?

Winning MGAs know that technology plays a vital role today in gaining competitive advantage, but with so many options out there it’s often hard to know which path to take.

I first learned this at Sequel, now Verisk Specialty Business Solutions, where we developed a portal, and then at Aon, where for three years I developed and launched new products to market. Since joining Novidea, I have gained further valuable insights into how to use innovative and disruptive technology to make this happen.

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Five Ways for Independent Agents and MGAs to Thrive in a Recession

Depending on which experts and futurists you believe, were either hurtling toward a recession or witnessing a post-pandemic market correction. Some are even saying the recession is already here. The insurance industry is all about mitigating risk, and preparing for an economic downturn is no different. Smart, independent agencies and MGAs should plan their strategies now for navigating the potentially rough waters ahead. Whether the recession is protracted or a short dip, agents and brokers can make many pre-emptive operational changes over the next few months to keep them well-positioned and even strengthen their bottom lines.

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