A Front Office Designed Exclusively for Insurance

An insurance platform built on Salesforce, Novidea’s front office is where you win and retain customers with targeted marketing, sales pipeline management, and enhanced customer service, right out of the box.

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A better customer experience leads to better business growth

Novidea’s front office is the customer-facing policy transaction part of Novidea’s insurance lifecycle management platform. Novidea is the only insurance broker platform that is fully integrated with its own middle and back office. All fields, terms, and workflows are pre-configured and ready out of the box. This gives you faster integration at lower cost, requiring no additional and costly customisation.

If you strive to provide a better customer experience, Novidea empowers you to manage tasks and workflows and gain insight from the data in your middle and back offices. With the data all centred in a single platform, your entire team enjoys the same unified view of the customers, and there is no longer a need to re-key data.

Manage the sales process for all stakeholders – from customers, third party admin, interim brokers, and reinsurers. Your automated marketing and sales management is backed by insurance business intelligence to drive increased customer uptake and experience, in an intuitive and user-friendly package.


Improved Customer

  • Lead management
  • Cross sell & upsell
  • Revenue reporting
  • KYC checks


Front & Back Offices

  • Submission / quote preparation
  • Document creation
  • Self-service, including Q&B
  • Submission to trading platforms


Policy Management &
Business Optimisation

  • Post-bind policy admin
  • Endorsements & MTAs
  • Claims management renewals
  • Financial accounting
  • Rate engine maintenance
Data Analytics
360˚ View Of Your Insurance Portfolio
  • In-built reporting tool
  • Drill-down dashboards
  • Automated customer intelligence insights

Effective pipeline management

Novidea’s powerful front office for insurance sales is cloud-based, which means anyone in the organisation has instant access to all prospect information, including key data and analytics. Managers can easily assign and re-assign leads across your teams, no matter where they are, 24/7.

Automate your marketing

Your growth depends on your ability to scale, automate, personalise, and quantify your marketing efforts. Novidea’s front office allows you to schedule targeted email campaigns that automatically engage prospects or policyholders at strategic moments in the customer journey and funnel them towards the next stage of your sales process.
Based on selected criteria, the system looks at who is in the market to buy similar products and creates a list, setting you up to roll out a targeted email campaign. Subsequently, a funnel pipeline is formed and automatically sent to sales for follow up.

Drive revenue through improved customer experience

In this competitive market, you need to clearly differentiate your insurance business. Using data-driven insights, you can not only increase your revenue but also enhance your service by delivering targeted and tailored advice, enabling you to cross- and up-sell, based on your customers’ individual needs.

With the cross- and up-sell module, you can look for a customer quote, and the platform automatically searches for other customers by type (criteria) to deliver recommendations of other products to offer. The system’s workflow automatically notifies the broker of the possible up-sell.