Insurance, Fully Integrated

Digitalise and optimise every facet of your business on one platform, born on the cloud, driven by data, and easily integrated with your existing and future systems.

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An office divided cannot excel

Legacy insurance platforms might handle one or two aspects of your business, but they all fall short of managing the full distribution lifecycle. That’s why we created Novidea, the cloud-native, data-driven, platform built using Salesforce Big Technology and designed to seamlessly integrate your front, middle, and back office. 

Leverage the Salesforce ecosystem

Built on Salesforce, Novidea gives you the freedom to assemble every insurance application your team needs and connect to your application ecosystem and trading partners.

Open API

A truly open API framework

Novidea’s insurance software platform helps you tailor your business to be more customer-focused and adaptable to market conditions. Our truly open API framework gives you the flexibility to add additional functionality, capabilities, and services as your business grows, with zero hassle and no costly integration process.

Secure anywhere and everywhere

Novidea leverages the security, scalability, and availability of the Salesforce platform, so you can safely run your business on any device, no matter where you are.