Insurance Workflows and Automation Delivering Operational Excellence

Automated insurance workflows help you drive greater operational efficiency, moving business quickly and seamlessly from enquiry to quotation to policy.

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If your team is too bogged down by manual tasks to keep up and think creatively, your system isn’t doing its job. Novidea uses Salesforce’s workflow tools to automate time-consuming tasks, benchmark progress, and move business more efficiently across the entire insurance lifecycle.

Automation can bring enhanced value to every phase of your funnel and policy journey, not only by allowing you to optimise every step, but also by eliminating manual data entry. All that adds up to the kind of quick and accurate experience employees are looking for.


Our comprehensive approval process workflow can be used for referrals, peer reviews, approval of authority limits, and more. Team members can be notified of open activities waiting to be approved, which can then be resolved any time and on any device. You can also implement a formal approval process, so that documents cannot go beyond a certain point until they pass a defined step.


Task management
made simple

Novidea empowers you to customise each workflow to suit you and your team. Assign tasks depending on specific project requirements or to match your current business processes. These can be automatically generated using events, diary tasks or other configurable rules, and can be easily viewed and managed by team members anytime and anywhere.


Manage time
more profitably

Our time-management tools automatically capture hours spent on each customer by integrating with Outlook to record meetings, even allowing for travel. The platform also analyses relevant salary costs and commissions to provide a profitability report for each customer. This allows you to quickly and easily determine where you should focus your resources, prioritizing the most viable and valuable business opportunities.

Triaging for
smarter development

Rather than spending time on every inquiry that comes through the door, use Novidea to assess which ones represent the most profitable opportunity, and allocate resources accordingly. This is the only platform that allows you to triage business, so that your teams stay focused on the customers and markets that deliver the most value.