Insurance Broker Software: Broking Evolved

Manage your entire customer lifecycle on one platform. Leverage data-driven intelligence to build stronger customer relationships and drive growth. Automate workflows across your customer journey and lines of business.

Welcome to the only born-in-the-cloud,
data-driven insurance distribution platform.

Is your broker platform making
you work harder than you need to?

In today’s increasingly digital insurance industry, simply keeping up means falling behind. Legacy broker software platforms may help with some tasks, but they fall short of capitalising on one of your most valuable assets: customer data. Brokers need a platform that brings that data out of silos and into one place, leading to insights that fuel real growth. Brokers need a platform that works as hard as they do. That platform is Novidea.


Why is this so important?

We live in an on-demand culture. Consumers now expect instant and seamless experiences. Anything less feels outdated and unprofessional, and therefore untrustworthy. The insurance industry is no different. Your leads and policyholders expect digital access, convenience, options, and responsiveness. For many brokers, this is a barrier to growth.

Legacy IT systems simply cannot keep up with the changing expectations and demands of insurance customers. With fragmented management and scattered data in outdated insurance broker software, obtaining a clear picture of business health and opportunities is next to impossible. And as margins are squeezed and regulations and competition intensify, your customers will still demand more responsive services.

That’s why we built Novidea: to help you thrive in this new industry landscape.

Know Your Business to
Grow Your Business

Novidea digitalises the entire insurance lifecycle, from lead generation to accounting and settlement. This consolidates your data, so that your entire team can access it from anywhere on any device. The result is a steady flow of data-driven insights that lead to optimisations and truly customer-centric services.

The Fix Is in for Brokers

We’ve reinvented the traditional insurance broker platform. This end-to-end solution, powered by Salesforce, consolidates all functions and workflows across the customer journey and business lines. Streamline front, middle, and back office operations allowing you to manage your business by exception. Surface actionable, data-driven insights at the point of need to help increase your bottom-line profitability and optimise every customer interaction.

Novidea is not just about increasing efficiency and productivity; it’s about promoting service excellence and simplifying regulatory compliance. It’s about empowering your people through actionable intelligence on the move, enabling them to make better decisions and forge stronger relationships. It’s almost unfair to your competition.